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Concrete Sidewalk

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A sidewalk isn't the most glamorous part of a property, but there's no doubt that it plays an important role in the space that it is situated in. Of course, not all sidewalks were built equally – and if you're going to make sure that you have a sidewalk of the highest quality on your property, you need to employ a first-class team of concrete contractors. As you might expect, that's where our team comes into the fold.

At Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co, we've helped with the design and installation of concrete sidewalks hundreds of times in the past. We feel that we're more than prepared to take on this kind of work for our customers in residential and commercial properties. For some further insights into our concrete sidewalk service, all you need to do is read below. Our dedicated customer service representatives can answer any remaining questions or queries.

Benefits of Using Concrete Walkways

Using concrete for walkways have lots of benefits, including:

Safety First

The primary reason that a concrete sidewalk is a good idea for a property is that it lays out exactly where pedestrians are supposed to be in the space. If people walk about in every which way, there's a chance that they'll leave themselves vulnerable to being struck by a vehicle. Of course, this is the last thing that you want to happen. By being proactive and installing a concrete sidewalk on your property, you're making sure that nobody will come to harm in this way.

Physical Excellence

At Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co, we want to make sure that our customers are getting the best for their properties – and that means using the best materials. There's no doubt that concrete comes out head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to sidewalks. Concrete easily withstands the difficult elemental conditions – wind, rain, sun, and snow – that many other substances struggle with. Additionally, concrete is more than a match for extended foot traffic that would certainly wear away at other materials. If you want an installation that is going to last, concrete is the way to go.


Concrete is straightforward to maintain. Unlike other materials, you do not need to spend a lot on maintenance. All you need is a basic broom to sweep debris or a pressure washer to wash off the dirt. Since it's very low maintenance, you get to save a lot over its lifespan.

Low Cost

One of the reasons that make concrete a popular building construction is its price. Compared to bricks, tiles, wood, concrete is very affordable. Concrete gives a perfect balance of reliability and cost-efficiency. Also, it's low maintenance, which provides you with lots of savings over the years.

Our Concrete Walkway Services

We at Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co. are the leading concrete company in Fort Wayne, IN. We provide different concrete services, including installation and repair of concrete walkways.

Installation Service

If you're looking for a team of concrete contractors to assist you with a concrete sidewalk installation, then we're your best bet – we've completed hundreds of these service requests in the past. Making use of both plain and decorative concrete – like painted concrete, stained concrete, and stamped concrete – we can give you a sidewalk that not only offers practicality but real visual quality alongside it.

Repair Service

The concrete productions that we deliver to our customers do excellently supply long-term service for the properties they're situated in. But, your concrete sidewalk might run into a problem at some point. One example is when the installer failed to complete the initial process correctly. In those cases, we're available to help with the repair of concrete sidewalks. We handle different concrete issues, including cracks and splits.

Concrete Walkway Finishes

Concrete sidewalks are more than just a way going to a surrounding landscape or in any part of your property. They can provide additional curb appeal to your home or building. Let's turn your concrete walkway ideas to life. Let's make your property even more beautiful by adding a walkway that suits your personality. As you plan your concrete walkway project, do not forget to choose a concrete walkway finish. You may opt for any of the following walkway finishes:

Polished Concrete Walkway

Having a polished walkway concrete adds to your home's curb appeal. It is ideal for homeowners who want a smooth surface finish. However, it is not advisable to install it in outdoor areas. A polished concrete path can be very slippery when exposed to water. Thus, it may cause accidents. However, if you want a polished concrete slab for your outdoor space, like your front door, we recommend using a low-sheen or matte polished concrete floor instead.

Stamped Concrete Walkway

Stamping is a process that replicates more expensive construction materials using concrete. It's an affordable alternative to luxurious materials like natural stone, brick, and tile. Stamped concrete finish is ideal for people who want their artistic expression reflected in their homes.

Decorative concrete walkways are often unique and edgy. Our company offers a wide array of decorative concrete options. You can choose a color, pattern, or texture depending on your preference. Stamped or decorative concrete is also great for updating existing concrete walkways.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Walkway

The exposed aggregate concrete finish is perfect for outdoor spaces. It's great not only for sidewalks but also for pool decks, driveways, and patios. As the name suggests, this process exposes the aggregates like gravel, crushed stone, recycled concrete, or sand. Thus, making the surface slip-resistant. This concrete finish is a more affordable alternative to a brick walkway or stepping stone.

Broom Finish Concrete Walkway

Broom concrete surface finish is ideal for those who want a rough, non-slip finish but have a strict budget. While it's cheap, the broom concrete finish serves its purpose excellently. To achieve a texturized concrete walkway, we pull a broom over fresh concrete, usually creating straight lines. It's crucial to do the process with wet concrete. Otherwise, it would be tough to achieve this type of concrete finish.

Concrete Pavers

Unlike a brick border, concrete pavers serve the same purpose but at a much cheaper cost. Also known as paving stones, the concrete paver is a popular choice for outdoor spaces. It's excellent for your front porch, front yard, or other exterior areas in your property. To create concrete pavers, we use traditional materials like water, sand, aggregate, and cement.

Concrete Walkway Installation Process

The installation process varies depending on the concrete finish you opt for.

Step 1: Excavate 

Since concrete is heavy, we need to make sure we have a solid base. Like in any concrete walkway project, we excavate a few inches down the ground. We then clean the area so we can fill it up with gravel -- if necessary.

Step 2: Build Forms

This step is essential for almost all types of concrete walkways. We build forms depending on the walkway design or the landscape design. We use plywood coated with lubricants for this process, so it's easier to take it off once done.

Step 3: Pour Concrete

Depending on the project requirement, we either use a ready-mix concrete or mix the ingredients manually. Once done, we carefully pour concrete into the area. Pouring concrete is very critical. We make sure there are no air pockets formed to ensure durability and a long lifespan.

Step 4: Screed the Concrete

Screeding is vital to ensure a smooth and leveled concrete finish. When we screed, we make sure our surroundings are free from obstacles. For this process, we use a plywood plank. For broom concrete finish, it's best to do the process after screeding. It's easier to pull over the broom when the surface is smooth and on the level.

Step 5: Cure Concrete

Curing concrete takes at least a week. It is crucial to wait until your new concrete is fully dry before testing or applying a concrete stain.

Step 6: Stain and Seal Concrete

Concrete staining provides hues and tones for your concrete surface through various techniques and solutions. It is used to coat the concrete and gives a different vibe to the usual concrete finish. Since it can fade and tear over time, we recommend applying a concrete sealer. It helps protect your concrete surface from wearing and aging.

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