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Concrete Steps

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There are many components and facets inside and outside of properties that we don't spend an awful lot of time thinking about – and yet they are critically important for allowing us to traverse these spaces safely and efficiently. One such feature that's present in pretty much every property is steps. We rely on actions on a routine basis, and yet people rarely give them a second thought. To ensure that you have a first-class staircase, you need an excellent design and a top-quality material – at Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co, we're able to give you both of those.

Concrete is a sensible choice for the construction of steps due to the impressive physical characteristics associated with the material. Below, you can learn some more information about the concrete steps that we produce, as well as the reasons that you ought to place your trust in our team more specifically.

Benefits of Using Concrete for Steps

Concrete steps and concrete stairs are very popular choices among homeowners in the United States. For years, concrete has been one of the most preferred building materials. It's not surprising at all, though, as concrete comes with lots of benefits, including:

Reliable Toughness

The number one reason that concrete continues to be used for steps in the United States is that it offers endless durability and toughness, even in the face of challenging conditions. Concrete is more than capable of handling ongoing foot traffic and heavy loads, drop pages and spillages, and high impacts of every type. If situated outside, concrete can overcome extensive UV exposure, heavy rain, and snow, and every other element fired its way. That kind of dependable resistance in the face of difficult circumstances is only really available through the use of concrete.

Installation Excellence

If you're thinking that installing steps in your property might be a difficult proposition, that's understandable – but you're likely to be surprised with the ease with which it's possible when it comes to concrete steps. While the tailored construction of steps is painstaking and tedious with other materials, the process is relatively straightforward with concrete. Using the time-tested methodology and first-class, professional-grade equipment, we can give you concrete steps that fit your space perfectly – whether indoors or outdoors. With this being the case, it's not exactly a shock that so many people go for this material.

Customizable Nature

If you're concerned about the aesthetic of your concrete steps letting the rest of your property down, there's no reason to worry. The fact is that, yes, many concrete stair installations use conventional, plain concrete, but it doesn't have to be that way. Decorative concrete is an extremely popular provision across the United States. Stamped concrete, painted concrete, stained concrete – all of these are options for your property's new stair setup.

Safety Performance

Steps are a part of your property that might be relied on in the case of an emergency, and accordingly, you need to make sure that the material you're using is up to the challenge. As you no doubt expect, concrete is a top-class performer in this sense. Concrete is a fire-resistant material, meaning that you won't have to worry about it spreading any fire within your property. Additionally, the material is skid and slip-proof, limiting the likelihood of nasty accidents in these would-be hazardous spaces.

Low Maintenance

Whether you're building concrete steps or concrete stairs, both structure requires very low maintenance. Generally, all concrete forms are easy to maintain. All you need is a typical sweeper to sweep debris or a pressure washer to get rid of dust.


Apart from its durability and long lifespan, concrete becomes a very popular choice because of its affordability. Compared to other construction materials, concrete is more affordable. It's worth every money you spend on this material. Since concrete is very easy to maintain, you also save a lot in the long run.

Concrete Steps Installation Process

Poured concrete steps provide a strong and long-lasting transition between an outdoor surface and your home's entryway. However, the efficiency and lifespan of your concrete steps will depend on how well you install them.

We at Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co is a leading concrete steps and stairs contractor in Fort Wayne, IN. We install strong, reliable, and long-lasting concrete steps and stairs. To ensure we provide the same quality output in all our concrete projects, we make sure to follow rigorously these steps:

Step 1: Excavation

In all the concrete projects we do, we always start with excavating the spot where the steps will be installed. Concrete is very heavy. Thus, the need to have a very solid base. We clear the area surrounding the steps and dig down several inches off the ground before filling it up with gravel.

Step 2: Building the Frame

Once done excavating, we proceed with building frames for the steps. We use plywood to make step forms and riser boards, and make sure they're the actual dimensions for the project. When doing the frames, we make sure to add strakes to brace the form boards. To make it easier to remove once the concrete dries up, we coat the wood pieces with oil or lubricant. Once the forms are ready, we then position them next to a foundation wall where the steps or stairs are placed.

Step 3: Mixing Concrete

While you can opt for precast concrete steps, we recommend mixing concrete ourselves. Unfortunately, precast concrete steps require a crane to lift them into the area of your frame. Thus, requiring too much logistics. As with mixing concrete, rest assured we calculate everything to ensure a proper proportion of ingredients. With the use of a concrete truck, we come up with a concrete mix that's right for the project. To ensure quality results, we use high-quality materials, which include using portland cement for the concrete mix. During the mixing process, we are very delicate not to cause too many air bubbles.

Step 4: Pouring Concrete Steps

Once the concrete mix is ready, we proceed with the most crucial part of the process. We pour concrete steps on the frames. We start pouring at the bottom step or the first step. As we pour the concrete, we make sure to do it carefully so as not to cause air bubbles as well. AS you can see, we build concrete steps from scratch so you can be confident in their quality. Also, we make sure we adhere to local building codes to ensure safety when using the concrete structure.

Step 5: Screeding Concrete

The screeding process is essential to achieve a smooth and even concrete surface. To screed, we use a plywood plank. We slide the plywood plank along the top of the wet concrete until we achieve straight concrete steps.

Step 6: Curing of Concrete Steps

It's crucial to let your concrete surface cure properly. We keep it wet by pouring water and letting it evaporate every day for a week. The curing process is vital to make your concrete steps or concrete stairs sturdy enough to stand for a long time.

Step 7: Removing Form Boards

Once your concrete steps are completely dry, it's now time to remove forms. You can now use and enjoy your new concrete steps. While we do our best to give you a perfect concrete step, there are instances when an unexpected circumstance happens as we remove forms. There may be minor imperfections, which can be easily addressed by putting a very thin layer of concrete patch material.

Why Hire Us

There is high competition in the concrete industry in Fort Wayne, IN. You will find a lot of concrete companies with lots of impressive promises. While it's tempting, no one can provide the kind of quality work we at Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co. give our clients.

By hiring us for your next concrete steps project, you get to benefit from the following:

Professional Concrete Contractors

Building concrete steps that last requires years of experience. Good thing, our company has the right people to do the job. We have all the knowledge and skills you need to have concrete steps that are strong and long-lasting. We build concrete steps that are sturdy enough to give you lots of savings from repairs and maintenance in years to come. Also, as an industry leader, our concrete contractors use only the latest tools in the concrete industry.

High-Quality Materials

We never compromise the quality of our work. As a leading concrete company, we use only the best construction materials available. We work hard to find the best suppliers and manufacturers to provide us with the materials we need for every project we do.

Affordable Concrete Services

We are proud to say that our company has the best prices in Fort Wayne, IN. We offer the most competitive prices in town. So, if you are looking for a concrete contractor to do the job at a very reasonable price, call us today.

Free Cost Estimates and Consultations

As we work on providing high-quality customer service, our company offers free services. Our team of expert cost estimators gives realistic cost estimates to help you prepare your budget for the project. Meanwhile, our concrete experts are more than happy to provide you with the information you need before starting your concrete project.

Contact Us Today

While it's tempting to build your very own concrete steps, we recommend leaving the task to the experts. Call us today via our customer hotline to book us for your next concrete step project! You may also send booking and inquiries via the form on the Contact Us page. We are more than happy to assist you anytime during business hours.

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